We offer customized, professional WiFi solutions for all types

of businesses, such as offices, hotels, resorts, airports, ports,

malls, libraries, schools, universities, hospitals,

companies, conference facilities.


A fast WiFi and reliable network is not just a desirable service for

your clients, but also a very useful investment for your business.

Transform the Everyday Operation of Your Business

Wireless networks mean fewer network cables, freedom of movement around the office, and support for the increased use of smartphones and tablets - both company sponsored and individual owned.

For most organisations, WiFi is now the lifeblood of their systems, as well as an enabler of growth and agile, responsive customer service.

Hours of productivity can be lost due to unreliable wireless networks, as it costs time and money to keep patching it up. But any serious investment made with WiFi AG's Business Solutions is likely to pay back quickly, because it will help transform the everyday operation of

your business.

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