WiFi AG provides a full range of

Outdoor and Indoor Wireless Technology - Networking Hardware Solutions to integrate and connect large Indoor and Outdoor areas with a fast,

stable and reliable WiFi connection anywhere, where Ethernet cabling is not possible.

Our custom designed wireless equipment are designed to improve the performance of wireless networking regardless of the condition.

Wide Range of Indoor & Outdoor WiFi Solutions

WiFi AG provides a large range of Indoor Wireless Solutions to suit every budget.

Whether you are looking for access points high throughput or high density, we have got it.

We stock Indoor Wireless Technology from all major manufacturers.

AG WiFi's Outdoor Access Points uniquely combine high-gain antenna technology and external

weatherproof housing to enable an extension to a WiFi network beyond a home or offices four walls.

Built to withstand the harshest of outdoor conditions. WiFi Outdoor Access Points are ideal for hotels and resorts covering pool areas, for schools and stadiums covering sports facilities, and general enterprises covering shipping docks and other outdoor areas where Ethernet cabling is not possible.

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