WiFi AG is a world leader in network equipment, not only for Consumers, but also for Internet Service Providers around the globe.

We know the industry, and we anticipate its needs. The result is a cost-effective, forward-thinking, and flexible portfolio of service
offerings designed to suit your requirements.

Innovative Products and Easy to Deploy Solutions for the Private Customer and for the Service Provider.

WiFi is the Future

Certainly now that WiFi connections are just as fast, reliable and secure as conventional wired networks. 
WiFi AG develops, manufactures, builds and maintains your WiFi network as you desire.
With our products and solutions your benefits are:
- High capacity and high speed
- Powerful security
- Wide and diverse range of solutions and products
- Custom made solutions and equipment, tailored to meet your needs

Customized equipment and software platform designed just for you
WiFi AG's routers and software platforms, was created from the ground up to be a flexible and powerful platform for CPE deployment, operation and management. Our products and software platform, was created to be an extremely flexible platform that offers service providers the ability to customize their products in accordance with their deployment needs. The platform brings service providers the acceleration of new feature deployment from independent feature development by WiFi AG to custom features for multiple carriers around the world.


Contact us to find out how to buy and integrate WiFi AG products with your needs and solution.

Why choose us 
Your data network is a major investment. That's exactly why, at WiFi AG, we manufacture products that have proven their high performance and high quality for many years. Moreover, you benefit from our experience and expertise of many years. And from a project approach where your satisfaction is key. Your data network must be flexible and future-oriented. Because of the amount of information sent per minute increases every day. Especially if you are considering implementing real-time communication such as VOIP or video streaming via the network. That's why we review your data network with tomorrow in mind. For that reason you are making a clever investment.

Cyber Crime

Cyber crime is not a distant reality. On the contrary, every year, an increasing number of SMEs, large companies and private consumers fall victim to digital theft or fraud.So best to not take any risk. Our firewalls, scanners and monitors protect your network against unwelcome visitors.

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