Need to keep an eye on your abode from anywhere?

WiFi AG's Wireless networking surveillance systems,

provides you with stable, secure, and reliable wireless connection to your surveillance system whether you are keeping an eye on your 

 business or home.

WiFi AG's Wireless Surveillance Systems

With systems that provide excellent value across a wide range of scenarios, WiFi AG's
wireless networking surveillance systems are scalable, easy to deploy and manage - delivering reliable, secure connectivity,
in a self-healing solution. Our systems require minimal installation and offer flexible setups and a range of security features. 


To help you find the best wireless surveillance system for your needs, we will design a solution tailored to give you the optimal
wireless monitoring system whether you are looking for an easy way to check on your kids and pets, or a full-service sentinel to

monitor for intruders, we will help find the right solution for your needs. 

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